October 13, 2009

C# vs. C programming

For quite a few years now I've been working primarily with C# and Microsoft .NET, and I have to admit that even with it's shortcomings I would list them as my preferred programming language and development framework. I will admit that there are still cases where C and C++ are better/faster/etc., but overall I find that when I use C# I'm more productive, my code has fewer errors, and it is easier to maintain.

At my current job I get to work in both worlds. Most of the newer software we write is in C#, but we still have a pretty expansive set of libraries and applications that are in C++, we even have one that is in managed C++ (which has it's own set of problems). I always prefer working on the C# side of things, and even dread working with some of our C++ applications.

I know that for most people this is an almost religious topic, and I don't want to come across as a zealot, I just have my preferences. I've used C++ quite extensively and it is a great language, but C# builds on the long history of C and C++ and adds more than a few nice features. And since it is built on a decent framework (.NET) there is a greater consistency to code. When you change jobs in a c++ environment, you probably have to learn a new set of frameworks. Some companies use in house libraries, some use boost, and others use something else. With C# most of the basic framework pieces come built in. There will always be a need for other frameworks beyond that, but .NET comes with most of the necessities.

There are many other features and helpful things that come with C# and .NET, but my overall view is that when I use them, I am more productive overall, and that is money in the bank to me.

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