November 2, 2009

ASP .NET Model View Controller

Recently I've started looking into ASP.NET MVC. Over the last few years I've become pretty familiar with standard ASP .NET, so I've wanted to see what Model View Controller has to offer. At first glance it seemed to address some of the shortcomings of standard ASP .NET, and gives the developer more control of the HTML that is output to the browser. Because of the architecture, the code can be much easier to test as well.

The biggest shortcoming I've seen is that there are not many built in components, so not only can you control the HTML that is output, it appears that you have to do it manually. One of the really nice things about ASP .NET has been the ability to drag and drop controls that, in most cases, just work out of the box. For the development that I've done this has been a tremendous time saver. Until I see something promising in this area, I probably won't look too much as using or switching to ASP .NET MVC.

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