December 1, 2009

Holiday Sale Madness

It seems like almost everything is on sale this holiday season. Especially in the electronics arena. I've seen laptops, desktops, HDTV's, Blu-ray players, and almost everything else you can think of on sale. Overall we all know that the prices of most technology products goes down over time, and the quality/feature set goes up. But these price changes happen in fits and bouts. Prices don't just go down slowly over time, they seem to jump up and down, with the overall trend being a gradual decline. Overall I think this is a good thing for the consumer, but personally it would be nice to see consistent price decreases. Sometimes I think it is frustrating to feel like I need to buy something now, instead of waiting a few months, just because I think I will get a better deal (But maybe that's just a personal problem). Ideally I'd like to know that when I walk into a store or buy something online, that I'm getting the best possible price, independent of which day I buy it on.

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