October 28, 2010

The Pragmatic Programmer

After reading Code Complete, I decided to continue with another book that had been on my reading list for a while. The Pragmatic Programmer is another excellent resource for developers. When comparing these two books, I would say that Code Complete is probably a better starting point, since it seems to cover more topics, and provide more details. With that said, Pragmatic Programmer is still a worthwhile read. There is definitely overlap between the two books, but there are some items that Pragmatic Programmer covers, that I didn't remember reading in Code Complete.

The book seems to be more humorous than some of the other software books I've read, which makes for easier, more enjoyable reading. The information in this book is what really helps separate the programmers from the software engineers. These concepts are what help make developers more valuable employees, and more productive engineers.

If you haven't ready Code Complete, I would recommend it first, but with that said I still think Pragmatic Programmer is a worthwhile read.

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