November 2, 2010

ASP .NET Web Forns vs. MVC

I've used ASP .NET web forms for a number of years on some of the websites I've worked on. Recently I've been looking into MVC more in depth, to see if it is something that I should start using. It seems like most people are very adamant, that one approach or the other is the only way to go. Very few people seem to believe that both approaches are valuable.

I have Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010 but it only briefly covers MVC. The only book I've seen that looks reasonable on MVC is Pro ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework, does anyone have any feedback on this book or recommendations for other resources. I'm looking for something that covers basics, but also covers overall design concepts and principals to use in real life applications. Most of the internet resources that I've found just touch on brief topics, but nothing seems to really cover MVC holistically.

I've also been wondering if MVC 3 has anything substantial that I should hold off for. Most people seem to agree that MVC 2 is the first usable version of the framework, is version 3 significantly better?

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