November 11, 2010

Web Development with JavaScript and AJAX

It seems like JavaScript and AJAX are becoming more and more necessary to create professional, interactive web sites. Basic HTML and even CSS just won't cut it. People expect the "bling" that JavaScript provides. I have mixed emotions about JavaScript though. It can really make a website stand out, but compared to traditional languages and development environments, it can be a pain to develop, debug, and maintain.

Part of me would say that Silverlight or Adobe Flex provides a easier environment to develop in, but they can be very heavyweight for most web sites. Maybe I just haven't found the right JavaScript framework or toolkit that really works well and makes sense. It seems like jQuery and the Google Web Toolkit are two of the most common and well known systems. jQuery seems a little more flexible, and the Google approach seems to be very tightly coupled with Java. Since I do most of my development with C# and ASP .NET, jQuery looks like a more promising solution.

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